Monday, February 6, 2012

43rd Film Festival

Where to start this post? Pretty hard... The change in our political system meant a transition in art and culture, too. Although it should not be political, state funded sectors have all been affected without any exception. Since Andy Vajna has been appointed the government commissioner for the film industry, cinema, according to interviews and press releases became unified in the country (feature films are gonna be favored). I think it is always a bad path to reduce diversity -- a multicolor collection describes the multicolor society, am I wrong? -- the Hungarian film industry is about to suffer the longest death ever seen ...and the fate of the film festival is also a proof for this.


For a long time it was almost sure there would be no festival this year when the stakeholders finally agreed to sponsor the event. There are several consequences of this: as no state subsidy was granted to the festival, only a few foreign guests had been invited, no competition was held and no awards were presented. Thus, the festival turned into a marathon. Furthermore, there weren't any press screenings arranged, meaning that everyone had to pay the same admission fee for individual screenings (600Ft). And it also implied that since the press had to pay, they were not likely to come, thus the marketing part of the event suffered a great yet unrealized loss. This is the point where we jumped into the project, we wanted to help but not with money: we undertook the opportunity to make advertisements. 
Several hundred people immediately joined the created event on Facebook Tickets had all been sold out -- meaning we did a fantastic advertising campaign:) no, that was just a joke, so, seriously: in other words, people are curious and interested, we need art. 


The festival wanted to keep the complexity of the Hungarian movie industry: feature films, documentary films, art films, animation films, graduation films by students from BKF, MOME or SZFE etc. all taking place in two cinemas (Toldi and Uránia) between the 2nd and 5th of February. 


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