Monday, February 20, 2012

Akvárium Klub - Old fish out of water?

So we have Akvárium Klub. New operating staff, a new program manager, the same institute. At least the same location, because the redevelopment of the place is in progress and the basic changes are already done. But as they promised the concerts take place in pretty much the same categories than before, so we’ve already checked the club twice.

1: First experiences or what the heck
- free opening party, almost no guests
- but more people from the staff: at the entrance checkin’ our bags and next to the stage checkin’ the audience
- a 5m gap between the stage having a rock band playing rock music on it and the public standing heavily and fixed in one place
- no chairs but leatherette couches sitting trendy people on it: nice tattoos and high heel shoes
- futuristic and kind of neon lights
- higher prices

2: Nice jazz music from the couches
- let’s make it serious, we were sitting on the floor!!!

Okay, Akvárium Klub is all right. It’s just on a way becoming a trendy club more than staying an underground one. Sparkling fancy fish gawping and drinking coctails on the couches. Which is okay. Today’s sixteen-year-old sweethearts have to find other clubs with dirty corners on the floor where they can share in different ways their newly gained feelings for each other. (Yummy!) And ladies, have to buy high heel shoes!

But stay serious, now I feel a little dissonance between the design of the place and the type of bands playing there and although I don’t want to be malicious or suspicious, after the two visiting times I’ve already built my theory about how Akvárium gonna be in a year... Stay tuned! Still waters run deep! (Then I have time to come up with other funny tropes the name Akvárium generates in me.)


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