Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mmm... Fruit Shakes @ Creamberry


It was some days ago when I had to arrange some things, I needed to send some letters, so I popped into Pólus Center. This mall is I think among the worst ones in the city (sorry about that...) -- most probably because of its location (15th district). So, while I was running from one point to another I spotted a newly opened shop with its pinkish and greenish lighting: Creamberry.

No. 1 surprise: after checking in, I got extra points for "the first creamshop" on Foursquare. Awww, creamshop, I just fell in love with this expression.

No. 2 surprise: kind, smiling service.

No. 3 surprise: free tasting from a variety of sweets.

The latter two factors convinced me to actually order something and pay for it. I chose a fruit shake -- just because I wanted to try something healthy and stop gaining weight at that shop... :) The price is usual of its kind, though it is above the amount I can afford. These drinks cost around 700-800Ft which is obviously high, not to mention that I can make it on my own from less... but honestly, who has enough time and energy for that? However, I still state that it is easy to prepare. You just need fresh fruits, low-fat yogurt, milk or juice and fantasy. Definitely. These smoothies are great blends of vitamins and of course they are refreshing! Spring is here, summer is coming soon, so what can be better than enjoying healthy, fruity shakes?



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