Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breakfast for early bbbikers!

Yes, I am the one who definitely hates the whole world without exception passing by a bakery with its insufferable, inviting and simply perfect smells. But today I am the one who gets more than just the flavour, who deserves pastry-shaped and pastry taste fondness because of being a nice good girl cycling in the city early in the morning!

Magyar Kerékpárosklub (Hungarian Cyclists’ Club) has a campaign inter alia called Bike to Work arranged twice a year with so many impressive elements focusing on a main goal: "maximizing cycle commuting to work". In my opinion the sweetest piece is Bringásreggeli (bikers’ breakfast) which is about giving free nom nom breakfast (sweet and salty pastries, biscuits, sandwiches and juice) at different busy spots of the country for the commendable ones cycling in the morning.

Riding on my way I bumped into a pitch at Szentlélek tér around 8 o’clock and although having checked the food it seemed I was a bit late compared to the 7 o’clock start I got a big scone, a grape juice, smiles, felicitations peace and love and compliments to my bike. Nice start of the day!

(The light blue stuff in the photo is a sticker with two button-like figures (home, work) and the caption between them says: betwix I push the pedal :) )


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